Friday, October 22, 2010


As I am currently typing this, I am rendering an instructional video of how to play a song cover for someone on youtube.  The song is called "Sonnet Of The Wretched" by Chelsea Grin...I will post the video under this blog.  I really enjoy doing song covers; which are mostly hardcore/death metal bands.  My companion Charlie is sitting next to me and making fart noises with his hand.  He looks very handsome in his blue v-neck, no homo.  It's also Friday, but it's a cold day (boo) though slightly raining (yay).  Hopefully this weekend shall be good!

Chelsea Grin Video

My youtube channel :D


  1. Hey man just a type, under the video it says EMBED, you could grab that code, then edit this post, click EDIT HTML and post the embed code to show the video on this post :)

  2. haha alright. sounds great man!